Bags for a Boost

new MRP bags

When a tragedy in your community strikes, how many times have you said: “I feel terrible, but I don’t know how to help”?

The MRP Project’s bags for a boost social support program allows community members to nominate an adult who is facing a hardship to receive a bag. The hardship may be a personal or family illness. Or it could be a loss (i.e., the loss of a loved one, marriage, or even job).

The program’s goal is to provide bag recipients with an emotional boost, ultimately providing hope through social support. Check out our program testimonials

Know someone who could use a boost? Nominate a bag recipient today.

About the Bag for a Boost

The MRP Project partners with individual donors and companies to collect donated fun and comfort-type items. The items cost ten dollars or less.

We put 10-15 items in a signature bag along with an uplifting note about The MRP Project. The note also says who nominated the recipient, but it’s possible to send an anonymous bag, too! Our volunteers deliver the bag.

Not sure what to donate? Check out our list of donation ideas

About the Bags for a Boost Program

The program was developed based on the underlying belief that individuals facing hardships will benefit from social support.

Often, people facing a hardships feel isolated and alone. We hope to provide recipients with an emotional boost. The bags show these individuals people in their communities are thinking of them, which will provide hope through social support. 

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