Grief Can Be Debilitating

I was talking to someone the other day. We both agreed grief can be debilitating. It’s just hard to function some days.

I like my job, but I remember dreading going into work and actually doing the tasks I needed to do.

A friend of mine is a stay at home mom. Before her husband died, she loved being at home. She volunteered in her kids’ schools, met friends for lunch, cooked, and cleaned. She was content.

After her husband’s passing, she went through the motions for a long time. Finally, her mother pushed her to get a part-time job at a local book store. She loves books and her mom thought it may be therapeutic for her to share her love of books with others.

Guess what? The “job” changed her. She’s a new person. She found something that as she says, helped her snap out of a funk.

Creating The MRP Project was one of the things that was therapeutic for me. So, please know your contributions not only help people facing a tough time now, but also help me every day. Thank you!

We’re starting out 2020 strong

Two bags will go out this week. One to a Mom whose child was in a serious accident and another to a woman who lost her Mom. We hope these bags put a much-needed smile on these women’s faces!

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