Music Can Help with Grief and Our 50th Bag Was Delivered!

Did you know music can help with grief? According to Wikipedia, music therapy is an evidence-based clinical use of musical interventions to improve quality of life. Evidence suggests that music therapy is beneficial for all individuals, both physically and mentally.

Some experts believe music helps grieving individuals. They say music can be used as an escape and respite for pain.   

A family friend recently shared this grief resource with me when she donated three Echo Dots to The MRP Project’s bags for a boost!! While I was blown away and loved the donation, I also loved this new grief resource that I hadn’t heard about before.  

Because everyone is different, there is no cookie-cutter grief resource. It’s trial and error. You have to try them all and see what works for you. For example, reading did for me what experts suggest music can do for people grieving.

If you’ve lost a loved one, let us know what helped you with your grief.


Two bags went out last week. One to a man battling a terminal disease. And one to his wife who is taking care of him. We hope our bags gave them a boost.

I can’t believe our 50th bag has gone out and The MRP Project has been in existence for less than a year! Thank you so much for all you to help The MRP Project do its work!

*Some information for this post can from the grief healing blog.

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