Now Registering for Raising Resilient Kids Educational Series Starting March 29

How many times have you told your kids life isn’t fair? Can your child positively and productively overcome life’s obstacles? Does your child adjust well to change? If your answers aren’t a resounding yes, keep reading.

At the MRP Project, we define resilience as the ability to adjust to misfortune or change.

Research shows:

  • 1 in 7 school-aged children experience mental health problems
  • 65% of adolescents will not actively seek help for mental health issues

Academics, sports, and social pressures are more demanding than ever before. Social media has changed the way children communicate. This can negatively impact children’s confidence and perceptions of themselves. That’s why raising a resilient kid is more important than ever. And The MRP Project is here to help.

About the Session

Raising Resilient Kids is for parents who want to ensure their child can positively and productively overcome life’s obstacles. The cost is $75 for the six-week series. The spring session will start on Tuesday March 29 and will run until May 10. We will not meet the week of April break. Sessions will take place in Hopkinton at 1 Maria Lane.

We’ll highlight the essential role obstacles play in children’s development. The facilitators discourage parents from trying to “fix problems.”

Instead, we discuss specific behaviors, thoughts, and actions to help children cope with their feelings in a specific situation. These strategies can then be used to help deal with similar feelings in the future.

We spend some time during the first couple sessions discussing ourselves and our own resilience. This is an important aspect to the series, as it’s critical for us as parents to be resilient. We can’t expect our children to be resilient unless we’re modeling resilient behavior for them!

Spots are limited so contact us today to secure your spot.

2 thoughts on “Now Registering for Raising Resilient Kids Educational Series Starting March 29”

  1. Hi, I’m highly interested in this topic but cannot meet on Tuesday. Will there be a future offering at other times? What time is the session? Thanks for fielding my question. -Heidi SimpsonVranich

    • Hi Heidi:
      Thanks for your interest. Yes, we’ll be offering another session in the Fall and will likely be on another week day. We typically start at 7 p.m.



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