In 2018, up to 2.4 million science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) jobs went unfilled.

Why? Because there weren’t enough qualified candidates. Experts believe students are not pursuing STEM-related jobs because the topic is not being presented early or often enough. 

Students need STEM role models to emulate. They need to understand what classes to take to pursue STEM degrees. And it’s important they learn what jobs are available in these fields.

What’s STEAMPals?

With the addition of art/design, the STEAMPals mentoring program provides middle school students the opportunity to learn about STEAM fields at a pivotal point in their academic career. In middle school, students start thinking about high school courses they want to take based on their interests.

The MRP Project works with local school districts to help implement STEAMPals in their community. Contact us to find out more.

STEAMPals provides students with an introduction to STEAM careers. And matches students with a competent and caring adult mentor working in a STEAM field. The mentoring relationship primarily takes place via email correspondence with a couple face-to-face meetings.

The STEAMPals program’s primary goals are:

  1. introduce information about STEAM careers;
  2. identify potential courses for students who may want to focus on a STEAM field in the future;
  3. instill an interest in STEAM fields at a critical age.

By helping develop life skills, self-confidence, and motivation to achieve their full potential, this mentoring program will influence students in a positive way while keeping STEAM at the forefront in their minds.

How STEAMPals Works

Students and mentors meet face-to-face during a specified period. During the other weeks, they email.

Students receive training on what makes a good email. We also provide students with a rubric to guide them as they email their mentors. In each email, students discuss a topic that they’re learning about in school that’s related to a STEAM field.

In their responses, mentors act as coaches by asking open-ended questions. They encourage students to edit and improve their work. They also discuss real-life examples of STEAM work they’re involved in at their jobs.

STEAMPals brings knowledge from the community to local middle school students and provides the opportunity for individuals from local companies, organizations, and colleges to volunteer together.

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