Everyone Comes Before the Parent Grieving

Michelle Steinke-Baumgard lost her husband in a plane crash in 2009. She’s gone on to become an author, speaker, and fitness coach. I follow her blog because what she says really resonates with me. Michelle recently reposted a blog post from a few years ago. I wanted to share an excerpt with you. The last line illustrates why The MRP’s bags for a boost program has received amazing feedback. Everyone comes before the parent grieving.

The fun and self-care items you donate make our bags for a boost great. But a major reason our bags make such a positive impression on the recipients is because the focus is on them! Most of our recipients are parents. And when they’re grieving the loss of a loved one or a marriage, it’s the kids that get all of the attention. And that’s OK. But when the adult receives a bag and realizes someone is thinking of them (and has gone out of their way to nominate and/or donate items for a bag), it makes a huge impact!  

Read the excerpt below:

In my first two years, I had many moments of anger. Typically I’d go into my garage alone and scream or beat the crap out of my steering wheel while I drove. My favorite was to run the perimeter of my neighborhood and cry.

For the most part, I never showed emotion around anyone close to me. My closest friends hardly ever saw me cry. I’m stoic and brave sometimes to my own fault.

As a mom I felt the need to be strong, able to take care of my kids and my life, this is just one reason the grieving parents have such a hard time grieving. Everyone comes before the parent grieving…

Read some of our amazing feedback here.


Our 60th bag will go out this week to a mom who’s caring for a sick family member and a terminally-ill friend.

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