What Are Grief Triggers and Tips for Coping

woman writing in a journal
Writing in a journal can help cope with a grief trigger.

A grief trigger can be anything that causes a wave of intense grief to wash over you because it reminds you of a loss that has happened to you.

Yesterday’s helicopter crash, where nine people lost their lives and five families were forever changed, was a trigger for me.

I immediately started googling the victims’ families. All of them in a blink of an eye now living in an unthinkable nightmare. I’m heartbroken for all of the people who are feeling these losses directly.

I’ve learned that triggers happen, as you’re faced with grief over your loss again and again. But it’s not a setback in your grieving journey, it’s a reflection that your loved one was so important to you.

It’s important to have coping mechanisms in place for when a trigger occurs.

Here are three things you can do:

  1. Think about the good times. You can even write about a special time with your loved one in a journal. It helps you focus on the positive instead of the pain you’re feeling.
  2. Talk about it. Seek out someone you trust who will encourage you to talk about how you’re feeling.
  3. Let yourself feel sad. It’s OK to let yourself feel sad and cry. Getting your sadness out is important.

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